Monday, August 24, 2009

New tombstone and Flying Crank Ghost for the 2009 season

So first up is a new tombstone for my cemetery. Its made of (found) blue 2" foam insulation sheet, a skull from Walmarts bag of bones, and two rigid foam kids play fort pieces.

The weathering was done with some water and a torch, then painted with a water and spraypaint technique.

This is my new FCG for the 2009 season, I didn't have one last year so I'm happy to be putting this one in service as its always a hit.

Its made with the rest of the bag of bones, a skull from Walgreens, and a lump of painted Styrofoam for the rib/chest area. The fabric is washed with tide to give it the UV properties. The face and bones are painted with an equal mix of UV red, UV yellow and UV blue paint. These three colors in UV mix to a whitish shade, unlike regular paint which will turn brownish black. Not sure why, something to do with the UV and the light it reflects vs regular paint and the absorbtion of light. Maybe one of you "smarter than me" types can explain it better. Anyway, the all I need to do now is hook up the strings and it s good to go.