Saturday, May 19, 2012

Once on this Island jr props

Alright well its been a while since I gave this blog a little love, and sadly this update will not be Halloween themed. My daughter was in the play "Once On This Island jr" and I built and painted most of the sets for it. I wanted a place to document what I did, and since I used many of my "haunter" skills on these props, I figured this is a good place for these pictures.

This tree was in the begining and end where the girl sits. It hid the ladder the kids used.

These two were one side of  8x 12 ft "periactoi"; there were two of them.  The other sides were the same jungle but ruined from a storm, and scenes for the hotel.

This was the hotel side of the periactoi.

Since we are on the subject of the hotel, these are the sign for the front of the hotel amd the gate the main character dies by. The hotel sign is routered insulation foam.

This periactoi side represents the home of the main character. It is also made from carved insulation foam, covered with grass skirting.

These two pictures show the stage front and the three palm trees I made. The trees are volleyball poles coverd with school roll paper.

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